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Monday, June 27, 2016

My to Go Look

Romantic Casual

Romantic Casual by Neisha Alvarado

If someone would ask me what is my favorite look? my answer would be a "Romantic Casual" look. When I go shopping, I often see myself looking for pair of jeans, a pink or peach top, pumps and nice pair of chandelier earrings.  

It's so funny when I'm with my mom or sisters and they say " look at the outfit on the mannequin that is sooo you!!".  I guess is super cool to have a "signature look",what I can tell you is that I believe how you style yourself shows a lot of your personality and what you can tell about me with this outfit is that I'm a hopeless dreamer, love romantic movies and the color pink

with all my love,


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  1. Love this look, and yes it's definitely sooo you ;-)


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