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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Goals for October 2016

Oh My goodness! the year is going by super fast but it has been an amazing one for me so far. I feel I’m finally taking charge of my life and living in the present moment.

I will go over last month's goals, which overall I think I did pretty good but I know I could do better.

September's Goals recap:

  • Practice Yoga 3 x a week: I’m proud to say that I practiced Yoga 5 days a week during the month of September and I feel wonderful.
  • Start writing the content for my YouTube Channel:   I did far I have 3 pieces of content that I will be filming this month.
  • Post in my Blog twice a week: Failed.  I'm sad to say that although I wrote more posts this month I failed to post twice a weeks.
  • Practice Gratitude everyday: I did it everyday in the morning and it feels great. I start my days happier and full of joy.
  • Participate more on Social Media:   I doubled my engagement on social media, it actually became a little addictive.
  • Declutter my house and organize documents: it took me a whole day but I did it and this is something that I'll have to keep doing regularly.

My goals for this month are:

  • Practice Yoga 3x a week: although I didn't fail last month I think this should be part of my goals for this month as well as I continue with the changes  to a better and healthier lifestyle

  • Design  my YouTube Channel Banner: since I would like to start uploading videos by next month I need to make sure I create  a Banner that shows what my channel would be about.

  • Write two Posts about Style: by auditing my blog, I realized I need to post more about Style since this is something I love and I want to build a smart wardrobe.

  • Practice Gratitude everyday: the best way to find happiness is by being grateful with what I already have in my life and enjoy the present moment.

  • Finish my photography course: I’m a one woman show, so this means I do everything to bring my blog live. I want to take better pictures and get more into photography since this is something I’m really liking a lot, I know I won't be a professional photographer but at least I want to know what I’m doing :)

Well, wish me good luck, I also wish you good luck with all your goals for this month. I'm excited to see how much I can accomplish this month.

With all my love,

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