3 Youtube Workout channels That I’m loving

As I’m writing this post, I am smiling because I’m thinking what my friend Dominika will say to me for sharing my fitness routine. She would just rant about how Pilates and Yoga are for delicate princesses, Not for strong women but I totally disagree with her (love you Dominika) She loves hard core Insanity-types of workouts and uses like weights to build muscle and I –unlike her– don’t like to use weights at all.


I work out to build lean muscles because I don’t think I would look good if I ever get too muscular… so after trying different workouts… the ones that I always go back to are Pilates and Yoga. One of the main reasons I love to practice these  types of body weight workouts is because I can do them at home.  I hate…but really…really hate going to the gym. I think working out is personal and is part of my “ME” time. (this is just my opinion) most of my friends enjoy going to the gym, it really works for them but the gym and I don’t get along.

I have many Pilates and cardio dvds but I get bored doing the same routines over and over,hence I am always in search for new trainers and routines on YouTube. I know there are many women and men who are just like me so this is the reason why I’m sharing my Pilates and Yoga current routines 🙂

Now below you will find my 3 currently favorites but here is a little disclaimer, depending when you come upon this post, the links might not be available so if that happens just type the workout name directly to the YouTube search.

She is my all time favorite trainer, I have almost all her dvd’s but she has a series of workouts on the BeFit Channel where you will also be able to find other workouts by other trainers.

if you are often on Youtube you’ve probably already know her Blogilates Channel which is amazing, she is super fun to follow and she has so many different workouts that you will never be bored.

Last but definitely not least I found this Channel not too long ago and I’m freaking in love with this channel, it features a beautiful couple Mark and Juliana and their channel is about just greatness (Fitness, Meditation and Travel) they both seem very beautiful people inside and out.

Any of these are really worth trying…just try them once, I am sure you will fall in love with one of them… You body and Mind will Thank You

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