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Neisha Alvarado

Hello I am Neisha


Hello I am Neisha Alvarado – While browsing through Pinterest, I saw a 30 day Blog Challenge  which was mainly to get to know the blogger. Although the challenge is supposed to be done every day for 30 days, I thought it would be more fun,  if I just write 30 personal posts so you can get to know me better and by reading these posts you’ll probably  find out that we have many things in common 🙂

So this first post will be my little Bio.

I was Born In Puerto Rico to  a Nuyorican Father and a Panamanian mother. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with my parents so they decided to go their separate ways. When I was 3 years old  my mom took me with her to Panama where I spent most of my childhood years but I always  visited Puerto Rico and would stay with my Grandparents for 3 months every year, so if you ask me what is my nationality I would tell you that I’m 100% Puerto Rican and 100% Panamanian.

On my late teens, I moved to New Jersey to live with my dad and this is where I lived for 10 years but my life was also in New York.


Passion for  Modeling

I always had this passion for  modeling, so I started attending a modeling school in Montclair NJ called Barbizon School. while I was attending, I auditioned to participate on a Model and Talent convention. Here  was where I first felt rejections because I wasn’t tall enough to be a High Fashion Model and the runway was what I loved the most about modeling. During this convention I noticed my scores were higher in the acting competitions and that gave me the courage to pursue acting as well. For years I went to many auditions, took many acting classes. Although my career in modeling and acting wasn’t that successful, I was able to book a couple indie films and modeling gigs,  I also loved going to auditions and I’m grateful to have met so many people in the indie film industry that today I can call friends.

There were many auditions I really enjoyed, I really loved the thrill of competing with others and also see other fellow actors performing during auditions, but there were disappointing moments as well because I experienced what some called the “acting couch”. After having a couple bad experiences, I decided to take a break from auditioning and decided to go back to school and pursue my Bachelor’s degree.

Writing has also been a huge love in my life, since little I’ve been writing journals where I note the most important moments in my life -sad or happy moments-. When I was in my teens I would write romantic  and suspense stories which then I would read to my mom. While I was actively pursuing acting I also fell in love with the indie film-making world and also started writing short films that I hope to produce someday.

I’m currently living again in Panama but constantly traveling to New York because my father and his side of the  family still lives there and this is where my heart will always be. Then I became so “normal” person, I had a job, finished college but after having two car accidents, losing someone I loved so much, I realized that for many years I was just existing instead of living so I embarked on this journey to re-discover myself and take charge of my life again. Blogging is a huge part of it, I’m learning so much about myself and I’m very happy again. I’ve been married now for 4 years, My husband is my best friend and wonderful man who supports me and we would love to start a family soon 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to Know about me and If you would like to share anything with me please comment below.

With all my love,

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