Holiday Dresses Guide and Wishlist

Holiday Dresses Guide by Neisha Alvarado

Hello Girls,

Do you guys already know what are you gonna be wearing for the holiday’s parties, have you bought your outfits yet?

Well, I Haven’t…

I’m sure that like me, besides loving the holidays seasons because its a time to reflect, to get closer to family and friends and an opportunity to start fresh, you also love this season because of how much fun it is with all the many parties to attend and yummy food you’ll eat.

  I know some of us have many holiday parties we will be attending and we are always wondering what to wear for this one, and what to where for the next one!

I don’t know about you but I’m a very visual gal, I’m revamping my whole wardrobe –which I’ll tell you all about that in another post– and I need to see pictures to get inspiration. Many times I’m not able to afford the exact dress from a picture I get, but you can get a pretty good idea of what you could mix and match.

Sequin Dress -Venus

So for example, I’m taking my absolute favorite, the Sequin Ombre skirt from Venus that by this very moment is sold out but I’ve seen similar skirts at Forever 21. You could also turn this outfit around buy  buying a black long or short skirt and a gold or silver sequin top, which would make a simple yet, very stylish and classy outfit.

Where did I find the dresses above?
All Over Beaded Dress – Venus
Sheath Dress – Camille La Vie
Gold and Black Ombre Sequin Dress – Venus
Mesh Trumpet Dress -Camille La Vie
Sequin Ombre Long Skirt – Venus
Deep V Sequin Dress – Venus

I really had a lot of fun looking at different websites and getting inspiration for my look. I will be attending a New Year Eve’s Gala and the dress code is very formal so now I have an idea of what I would like to wear.

How about you? Have you seen any outfit inspirations? if so please share the websites on the comments below so I can also take a look at them!
Thanks so much for spending some time with me, 
Happy Holidays!!
with all my love,Neisha Alvarado


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