Lately on My life


Lately on my life

Lately On my life


Hello Dreamers!

At the beginning of this year, I made the decision that I wanted to make big changes in my life. I decided to move back to the USA this year in March and it has been a ride. I came here determined to make it. ┬áSome friends and family told me not to move because it was uncertain if I was going to succeed and to tell you the truth I doubted myself that I was going to be able to do it but I am proud to say that I feel I’m finally in charge of my life and my future.

Making this decision wasn’t easy

Making this decision wasn’t easy because I grew up in Panama. My mother and all her side of my family live in Panama, my childhood friends, new friends and my husband’s family. We also have our beautiful home to which we were very attached to because it is our haven. Days before making the decision I had so much anxiety that I was feeling nauseous for days and me couldn’t sleep very well…actually I had nightmares to be more exact.

But…the decision I make was as Tony Robbins would be “raise my standards” and decided that by next year I was no longer going to be in the same situation and I was going to be not only in a better myself but I’m going to be able to help my family along the way.

I’m currently living with my dad’s side of my family in New York but I’m making progress. I’ve found a job I like and I’m already looking for apartments. My husband is coming soon to join me on my ride (he stayed in Panama while we got the house rented). Since I wanted different results (better quality of life) I needed to do something different and I’m happy that I took the step in making that big move in my life.

Now, I feel everything is possible… I just need to work very hard and hustle to achieve all my goals in life.


Have you gone through something similar in your life, any big changes? Big decisions?

I would love to read about it

with all my love,



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