A thought on… Following Your Dreams

Have you ever had the feeling that you were from another planet?

Well? I have been feeling like THAT for a very long time!

I always see my friends who are so happy with their careers and moving on with their lives projects but I didn’t see myself doing what they were doing…I felt always looking for more…

So after many months of auditing my life… I came to the realization that I am  Neisha…The reason why I always kept searching for more and never felt happy is because I wasn’t doing things I truly felt passionate about.

I am free spirited woman, a  passionate dreamer and I love to create!!  

I can say today that one of the best things that have happen to me is that I found my  purpose in life.

How I got the courage or clarity to do what I was meant to do?
Well I asked myself: “on your last day on this earth, if you were presented with  a holographic movie screen that replays your life.  What would you want to see on this movie  as you are having your last breath”…

Will I have regrets FOR NOT FOLLOWING MY DREAMS IF I WERE TO DIE TODAY!!!…..and the answer was YES!!!

I want to leave this earth with a smile, being completely satisfied with the life I lived.

And the good news to you is that if you are reading this… is because you are still on this earth too…  😉

So start living, instead of just existing. Start doing things that really make you happy…if you are already doing it then you are very lucky and I am very …but very happy for you…. if you are not!! …. it doesn’t matter how old you are…..JUST START!!!

with all my love,


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