Hey There!

I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Panama and for 10 years I lived in NJ/NY. I believe that I´m lucky because I´m very  rich in culture. Since I was born,  I´ve always been a dreamer, always dreaming to be a top model, always dreaming to win an Oscar, always dreaming to be a famous writer, always dreaming to meet my prince charming (this dream came true ;).

I´m a very girly gal…My favorite colors are pink, peach and vintage lilac. My favorite flower are the Hyndrangea and roses. When I’m not writing, I’m spending time mainly with my husband, I love to watch chic flixs and Korean dramas.

For years I pursue modeling and acting but I have this dreams on standby because I wanted to finish college.

After finishing college and working in a job where I was unhappy, I realized that I needed to start a passion project and since I always wanted to write and have a blog I finally got the courage to do it on May, 2016.

This blog has changed my life. I’ve learned so much about personal growth, beauty, style, self care and it has motivated me to share this with other women because I believe we all go through the same challenges in life, we all want to be pretty and look our best!

I mainly wanted to document my life as I’m making better decisions to design a better life but I’m also able to share my love for make up, keep up with new trends and share my personal style.

I invite you to follow me on this journey and to also share with me yours. If you would like to email me directly please don’t hesitate to do so.