An Afternoon in Central Park

Manhattan, Central Park

One of the reasons I became a blogger besides providing tips about beauty, fashion and designing a better life was because I also want to see and explore new things, discover restaurants to dine out and just to try new things in general.

Although I’ve always lived pretty close to the city. I’ve never taken the time to visit and explore this wonderful place.

After spending the day and then looking at the pictures I took, I was kind of disappointed because I don’t think I did a good job capturing how beautiful Central Park was that day.

So I really debated in writing a post about it, but then I thought that although the pictures were not perfect; they at least show how happy I was and how beautiful the day was.  I had so much fun by just walking, sitting on the warm green grass and feeding the little ducks that were on the pond. I recommend everyone who lives in New York, surroundings states and tourists to come and visit this amazing place.😍

An afternoon in Central Park

Now I have an excuse to go from time to time to walk around the park, enjoy nature, and the balance of nature and this cosmopolitan city that is New York.

Since I was going to walk a lot, I decided to wear a Bodycon MIDI dress with simple/basic white sneakers.

An afternoon in Central Park

I’m actually thinking in doing something different every Sunday in Manhattan and document the places I visit…or tell you how I spend my weekend this beautiful city. Sometimes I remember an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie says that her date was Manhattan.

I love Manhattan so much that I’m having an affair with the city (don’t tell my husband 😜).

I’ll promise you that I will improve my photography game to give justice to the places I visit because I want you to see what I was able to see.

for now….thank you so much for visiting my blog

In the Meantime, come and spend an afternoon in Central Park.

With all my love,



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