4 Signs to build a better wardrobe

Don’t you get frustrated when you are looking in your closet and you can’t find anything to wear although your closet is full of clothes?

Or you have planned to wear a something that you just recently bought thinking it would look so good on you, but now that you are trying it on right before going out it doesn’t really look good on you.

I get in a really bad mood if right before I’m about to get dressed to go out, I realize I have nothing to wear.

I’m serious!..I have actually canceled on people and I haven’t gone to parties just because I was in a bad mood or depressed when I couldn’t find something to wear.

So, as part of designing a better life which includes to put in an effort to look good and feel confident; I decided  to build a smarter wardrobe.

But first we need to know the signs that it’s time to build a better wardrobe:

When Everything in your closet is not trendy anymore: that means that at one point you bought so many pieces that were on trend and you are embarrassed to wear them.  I was guilty of this at one point but  Now…for example, I will just get 1 trendy top or 1 trendy shoe but that’s it. You have to make sure that your wardrobe has more Timeless pieces.

You have too many things that you won’t wear because bought them out of impulse:  before I go to a store I make a list of   things I need. Maybe I need new shoes for work or for when I’m out on dates with my hubby, maybe I need new pair of jeans because the twenty only one I have is all worn out (this is true and this is the reason why I’m planning a smarter wardrobe ). Now I always bring a shopping list with me to reduce impulse buying.

When almost 99% of the things in your closet only fit 1 part of your lifestyle or don’t fit your lifestyle at all: this happens mostly with work clothes. Most women (including me) have mostly work clothes (formal/business pants, work blouses, closed-toe shoes).  But it can go the other way around too because I have been guilty as well of having so many formal, fancy dresses that I would never wear.

You keep buying things that don’t fit your figure: we do this so often that is not even funny. I have bought things that are a size smaller than I’m.  I still want to lose about 10 pounds but I can’t buy things that I don’t know when they will fit me right. One thing is to buy 1 dress or 1 bathing suit 1 the size of your ideal weight as an incentive to keep working out, but is definitely not a good idea to keep buying jeans size 6, when right now you are size 10. It would be better to lose the weight first and then go shopping according to your new weight.


So if you are guilty of any of the signs above then is time for you to start thinking about building a smarter wardrobe.


It’s very important to evaluate what activities you do during the week. In my case: I work yes… but I also go to the movies, sometimes go out to dance, eat out at fancy restaurants, work out,  and now go to cool places to take pictures for blogging 🙌🙌.

my wardrobe should be the following 50% clothes for work, 40 % clothes for my time to have fun (movies, go dancing, etc…), 5% formalwear and 5% workout clothes.

You will gain so much by building a smarter wardrobe. If you have clothes to wear that you actually love you will feel confident and that will have such a  positive impact in other aspects of your life.

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    • neishathais@hotmail.com
      October 29, 2017 / 12:59 pm

      and it was all me too, but I think I’m improving 🙂 . What is helping is always writing things I need before going to mall.

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