Experiences I want to Have in My life a.k.a My Bucket List

I was kind of scare of writing the list of all the things I want to do before…well… I’m not longer in this planet. But then I thought that by writing them, this will help me to work harder towards them because they will be in writing in this platform and if I don’t work hard towards them, I feel I will let all of you and myself down.

 I’m also curious to know if any of you share the same passions or have the same goals as me.

Things I want to do or be before I die:

  1. Become a Mother: I would like to have this beautiful gift from God.
  2. To go to France and visit the Versailles Palace and Eiffel Towel: I’ve been wanting to do this since I read Marie Antoinette biography
  3. Travel to London: There I want to see the palace of Buckingham,  where Downton Abbey was filmed,  and shop at Harrods.
  4. Go on a Cruise to the Caribbean with my husband: I just think it would be super romantic and fun.
  5. I want to Attend one of Gary Vaynerchuk conferences: he is one of my mentors (he doesn’t know it)
  6. Travel to South Korea: I’m just super addicted to everything-from K-beauty to K-dramas.
  7. Ice skate in the Rockefeller:  center during Christmas time
  8. Attend New York Fashion Week: this would make me feel like Cinderella.
  9. Make a Fashion show for charity cause: always wanted to do this, have fun but at the same time helping a cause.
  10. Get yoga instructor certification: I fell in love with yoga a couple years ago. I think every person in this word should do Yoga.
  11. Buy and Flip a house then sell it:  I just love all those shows on HGTV
  12. Attend a Tony Robbins conference: I believe is is another one of my mentors
  13. Buy a beach house in Panama: who doesn’t want a beach house
  14. Have my own beauty boutique: this is one of my ultimate dreams.
  15. Take my nephews and nieces to  Walt Disney:I just want to see their faces 
  16. I want to learn Korean: ( just some to be able to navigate through South Korea)
  17. I want to learn Italian: love Italian movies, Italian music and off course the language.
  18. See the Aurora Borealis: it must bee magnificent and a reminder of the presence of God.
  19. I want to help others live a meaningful, happier and successful life
  20. Travel to Brazil: I love the culture, the language and the food.
  21. To Write a book: I really want to do it because I always loved writing. Writing is one of my multi passions.
  22. Write, produce and Act in my own movie: acting in film has been a true passion of mine and although I have put it on hiatus I know I will do this again very soon.
  23. Become more spiritual
  24. Learn how to swim: my husband started already to train me in this.
  25. Learn how to ski: I just want to try it, at least once and I hope I don’t break any bones

I will be checking off from this list as I am accomplishing these goals or I will be adding because I always keep finding new things I want to explore. I guess it comes with age! 😂

if you need some motivation to keep fighting for your dreams please check my other post How to Find Motivation.

Now is your turn…what are some of the things on your Bucket List?

Until my next post,

with love,





  1. December 8, 2017 / 8:54 pm

    Hi Neisha,
    So many of your dreams and passions are the same as mine! I’m just a bit older, so I have a few more of my bucket list items checked off. I love to write as well. Lovely post!

    • neishathais@hotmail.com
      December 9, 2017 / 1:49 pm

      thank you for stopping by. After I wrote this post all I think about every day now is all the steps I have to take to achieve these things.

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