Do you Want to Know How to be Happier in Life?

How to be happy


For a very long time, I must say I didn’t know how to be happy in life. I couldn’t understand why some people would be always in such great mood and happy all the time, even though they don’t have things that most people would consider that are necessary to be happy such as a pretty house, nice clothes, a good job, money, a beautiful car, among other things.

There were many excuses I used to have to always be sad or upset. Some of the reasons might be valid, for example, I would get sad when I think that I haven’t  achieved all my goals by the time I thought I was going to achieve them (I’m still pursuing my goals).

I just didn’t feel happy no matter what.

When I saw on the news that Robin Williams had committed suicide, this to me was a major wake-up call. Because he was the last person on this earth I thought would do something like this. And I was in so much pain because I couldn’t comprehend how come someone who I thought was always happy, would do that.

Do you want to know how to be Happier in Life?

At that moment I understood that being famous, having a lot of money and having a successful career will not necessarily make you happy.  These things can help you do things that could potentially make you happy such as: if you have money you can work on causes that you are passionate about, having fame can help you influence other people and also promote a good cause that will help change the world for the better.

I realized that happiness doesn’t come with having a lot of money or with being successful in life.

The Truth is that Happiness is a choice!

I just wished I figured this out a long time ago but it’s never too late to start re-designing your life.

So after trying to discover the best ways to genuinely live a happier life, I found that to be happy you have to:

Forgive: this would be the most important thing that you should consider doing. If someone has done you wrong, you will not find happiness until you forgive them. That doesn’t mean that you will trust that person but you will give yourself a beautiful give of peace and would get rid of the poison that is only killing you…not them.

holding on to anger

Once you forgive you will feel that your heart has dropped a 50 pound weight on the floor.

Concentrate on Your Talents and Strengths: for so many years while working at a corporate place I felt insecure and dumb because I wasn’t great doing mental math. But after starting this blogging journey, where I had to learn a little bit of coding, learning about social media, online business and see how fast I pick things up I realize that my strengths are in the creative field and a little bit of techie field. This has boosted my confidence to %500. So my advice to you is to find the things that you are really good at and enjoy doing. If you are a singer keep honing you’re singing skills, if you like baking keep coming up with new recipes.

Be More Present: pay attention to the regular daily activities, doing the dishes, walking. If you have a nice outfit that you haven’t worn just wear it now. Don’t wait until the perfect day comes. The perfect day is today. Also enjoy the process of what you are doing (working on your passion project, side hustle, etc)…when you are taking sips of your next cup of tea or coffee pay close attention to the smell, see the little smoke coming out of the mug, feel how warm the mug is. When going for a walk the next time try to get a sense of the smell of flowers or nature, feel the breeze touching your face. Being present will make you feel alive and happier.

Work on your Spiritual self: I’m not even talking about being religious. I’m talking about being grateful and seeing the value of things that are not really tangible. Things like the love of your family and friends, working on becoming a better person, a better version of yourself. Digging deeper into your heart to find your purpose in this life and hopefully being able to leave a mark in this world.

Take time for yourself: I know this is easier said than done. Especially if you are a single mother who works a full-time job like my mother at one time did. And this means different things for different people for me taking time for myself is being a little selfish and dedicating time to doing things that will improve my well-being. At times, this could be being in my little space doing meditation and not being interrupted by anyone, or watching a movie by myself with a glass of Kendal Jackson Chardonnay, reading a great book or going for a walk either in Manhattan or in my favorite park near my house.

As you can see all these steps are things you can start doing today. Learning  how to be happy in life is the best gift you can give yourself to not waste this beautiful time that you are going to be on this earth being depressed and upset for things that you can actually change. If by any chance you feel you also are lacking of motivation to pursue your dreams, you can read my post “How to Find Motivation” to help you in getting ideas to find motivation.

I wrote this thinking about all of you. I hope this can inspire your to live a happier life.

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Thanks for reading!

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