How to Start Your Blog Part II: Starting a Blog on Blogger

On my last post about blogging, I spoke briefly about having a niche, and blogger as a platform to start your blog. On this post I’ll let you know the steps I took to start my blog so in case you have no clue how to start on blogger this post will give you an idea.

you’ll probably get tired of me saying this many times! but I think this is the best platform to start.

Phase 1

After a thought about 3 to 5 topics that I knew I was gonna be writing about, then I followed the steps below to start my blog:

Platform Blogger: the first thing you need to do to start an account on blogger  is to sign in with a gmail account. You will type the title of your blog and type your address ( . Choose one of the templates and click on “create blog”.

start a blog.png

Phase 2

Once I opened an account on Blogger and chose the name, to make my blog look more professional I did the following:

Got a domain: I bought from After you purchase your domain you will get an email with instructions to set up your new domain on blogger. Once you get the email you´ll go back to blogger and click on settings and click on “add a custom domain” or “third party domain”.


If you need help in doing this step by step I watched this video which is it was very helpful to me click here

Templates: after I set up my domain, since I didn’t like the templates that come with blogger I bought a template that went with my topics, the websites I would recommend are: Pipdig and envye but there are many other websites where you can buy Blogger templates.


Favicon: I wanted to start building my “brand” right away and a good way to do this was taking off the Blogger favicon and replacing in with my own favicon, I used Picmonkey to  create my little logo and then upload it on Favicon Generator to create the favicon.


With this information you’ll have a better idea on how to start you blog on blogger, I hope this little guide can really help you on your journey to becoming a blogger and Welcome to this wonderful adventure.

Happy Blogging!
with all my love,


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