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First let me Start By Saying!!

I’ve been such a mess these days. I’ve been mistreating my bag and along with it everything inside. I always carry a makeup bag everywhere I go, but because I haven’t been being careful how I place my bag now most of my makeup in my bag is ruined.

Last night while I was doing my makeup I took my eyeshadow quad and since is broken in million pieces started falling down on my outfit!!….Have that ever happen to you??

So since I have to get new essentials things for my makeup bag, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you a guide of the makeup bag essentials…the real must have….none of the nonesense that some magazines said we should by.

This guide was put together after reading books of makeup artists gurus like Bobbi Brown and Kevyn Aucoin, doing some research from the top beauty magazines like Cosmopolitan, Popsugar and Refinery 29.

Now this guide is for all ladies but especially for us ladies who love to always look beautiful but who have a Champagne taste but with a beer budget! ?

Here I’ll be recommending some of my fave products that I personally tried and keep using over and over.

Since I’m always in a hurry I always have to do my 5 mins make up looks and having my makeup bag essentials ready is a must for me!

Makeup bag Essentials

1. Mascara: to me this is the Most important product in my bag. Even if I don’t bring my makeup bag and I need to leave the house in a hurry I’d ALWAYS have my mascara in my purse. There are times that I don’t feel like applying foundation or bb creams because I just want to let my face breath for the weekend. If I need to run some errands I would apply my mascara and I would instantly look more awake. The one I’m currently using is L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara. Click here to read my review …Still one of my faves!!! but there are other two that I can recommend as well: Essence I love Extreme Crazy Volume and Rimmel Wonder Lash Mascara.


2. Foundation AND/OR Tinted moisturizer: I don’t believe is necessary to always carry both with you. It depends on of your lifestyle, your mood and types of looks you are aiming for. In my case when I’m in this fresh/all natural/bohemian mood, I only apply bb cream. The bb cream I currently have is my Maybelline’s bb cream and the foundation I’m currently loving is Flormar foundation. Another foundation I have used and read great reviews about is the Maybenelline’s Fit me Dewy+ smooth foundation.


3.Concealer: I know you see that on youtube videos this is a step that is never overlooked but to be honest with you, the concealer is not always necessary. This product is something that is good to have but is not a must. There are times that I would apply a little bit of concealer after applying my bb cream under my eye area if I didn’t have a good night sleep…lol.. but I’ve been able to just apply the bb cream or foundation alone and that will do the job just fine. My currently favorite is Maybelline Fit me Concealer, but I’ve also read great reviews on Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind.

4. Compact Powder: I think this is also a must item to have. I prefer to have this instead of loose power. Why? because there are good compact powders that offer great coverage and I love the youthful look that it gives me. Sometimes I wear my powder without the concealer (again this would be because I had a good night sleep) and there is something about the porcelain look that I just love and it’ll never go out of trend for me! If I wear foundation and concealer then I just pad a little bit of my powder on my T zone and I’m read to go. I’ll always keep going back to the same brand: Loreal True Match Super Blendable Powder.

5. Blush: Why do we use blush? Do you know? Well think about it, we naturally blush when we get embarrassed and when people see that, the first thing that comes to mind is how cute and innocently you look, we also blush after doing a physical activity so we relate this to freshness and being healthy. So this is why we apply blush in our cheeks, to look fresh, youthful and healthy.   I have olive skin, I pretty much alway apply a little bit of blush on my cheeks. If I don’t… I’ll look pale and people would ask if I’m sick. So blush for me is pretty much a must most of the time. The blushes I recommend are: Maybelline Fit me Blush, e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette

6. Lip care:  I call it like that because it’ll be up to your lifestyle but I like to always carry with me is a lip balm, nude or soft pink lipstick with me and in some cases I’ll include my dark lipstick shade because I decided to wear dark lipstick shade that day and if I sip on some liquid or eat something I’ll always be looking in the mirror to touch it up ……don’t you guys hate it when you look in the mirror and you have a patchy tint? It’s horrible!…. so anyway!….the lipsticks currently love are: Essence Porcelain Doll and Revlon Berry Rich


7. Eyeshadows Quad or Single: it’s always a great idea to carry on your makeup bag essentials your fave eyeshadow quad or a couple of single eyeshadows colors.  I always carry my quad that has bronze, beige, soft pink and mauve colors. The one that I recommend everyone to get because I think is looks great on any eye color would be: The Almay Intense Eye everyday color


8. Small package of tissues or oil absorbing sheets: I think we all have gone through a moment where we went to a place where the environment was too hot, with a lot of humidity or maybe we just danced so much that our make up started to melt and that is where this come in handy. A good one to use is the classic: Clean and Clear Oil absorbing sheets

Besides these items, everything else is just optional and again we should only carry what is absolutely a must to you. I don’t like to carry heavy handbags/purses with lots of stuff. If you are on a trip you probably just want to be comfortable so it’s better to have your makeup bag essentials ready–I know is redundant but– with the essentials stuff.

I had so much fun writing this post and sharing my fave products for a makeup bag essentials…if you have tried other products that you would like to recommend please share below or if you have made your own guide also share it on the comments below I would love to read yours!!

Thanks you guys for stopping by and lets keep in touch via social media or please email me directly if you think I could be of any assistance to you….

with all my love,

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    Thank you to share your essential makeup guide.

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      you’re welcome!! Thanks for visiting my site 🙂

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