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If you are like me, someone that has Champagne taste on a beer budget, sometimes is hard to find Make Up brands that can meet our expectations.
I had run out of my MAC foundation and some of the makeup products I had were a little bit old. To be more exact, besides a foundation I also needed to get: a new eyeliner, eye primer, face primer and loose powder.

I would always see the Flormar Store at the Mall nearby my house but I was always skeptical about going in there and trying this make up brand. I had the impression that the makeup was not of good quality but after being given poor customer service at a MAC store, I finally decided to go into the Flormar Store, so here it is a little review of my little Flormar make up haul:

This Primer is white in color but when I applied it on my face, it blended on my skin beautifully. The formula contains acacia and green tea that helps with the elasticity of the skin, it has a nice fragrance and although I  prefer make up without any type of fragrance this one doesn’t bother me at all. After I applied it, my skin felt hydrated and very soft, it can definitely compete with high end brands.

I was looking for a foundation that could provide me with good coverage and I was absolutely surprised to see that this one works amazingly well. It has a MAC like quality and I even dare to say that I like it better than any Mac foundation I have tried so far. You feel your face hydrated and smooth, what I like about this is that the Matte finish does not make your skin look dull as some matte foundations do.

Since I am working on different make up looks I bought recently an eye-shadow palette and when applying some of these eye-shadows some of them would not stick on the skin. I used to have a MAC eye primer but I didn’t really get to use it as much and it was about a year old, so I didn’t want to put that on my skin. I decided to test the Flormar Eye Perfection primer and I was very happy with the results. This Eye primer has seaweed extract for firmer skin and fruit and plant extracts to increase blood flow for more vivid look.

Precision Artliner (liquid eyeliner)

I also got the liquid Artliner and although it claims to be a precision Artliner and the applicator wand it’s very thin… I want to be honest, I didn’t like it at all!!!. I have been using liquid eyeliner since i was in my teen years and out of all the eyeliners I have used this is my least favorite. When you apply it  you need to work the line very carefully otherwise it looks very sloppy.

Invisible Loose Powder

When you look at the product the powder is white but when you apply it on your face, the white pigment disappears…..I guess this is why they call it “invisible loose” (duh!! To me)…lol.. It gives you a beautiful matte look and at the same time a little bit of  luminous finish.

So from all these 5 makeup products I wouldn’t recommend buying the Eyeliner, regarding the rest, I think that the quality of these products is great and the best part is that you can get each product for under $20.

Let me know if you have tried any of these or any other Flormar products and How did you like them?

With all my love,

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