Top 5 Blogs that will help you Start Your Own Blog

Hello my Friends,

When I decided to start my blog I went through so much trouble in finding information that could help me. After reading many blogs and articles about this topic, these 5 Blogs where the ones that were most useful to me and I hope they can be a great help to you as well!

1. The Blog Market
This blog is run by two bloggers who also have their own separate websites, but in this blog they joined forces to help other bloggers with tips and resources that will help you take your blog to the next level.

2. Seventeen Seconds
Portuguese photographer and online creator, Sofia Garrido created this blog to share her passion for photography. Her blog also offers valuable information for beginner bloggers, through this blog is how I learnt how to make my blog bilingual.

3. Sunny Lenarduzzi
She calls herself a born broadcaster. She helps you with tips in how to improve your communications skills, social medial marketing and how to monetize your message.

4. Twelveskip
Pauline offers services that you’ll need to pay for, but she also offers free valuable information regarding blog topic ideas, marketing for your blog and how to monetize with it.

5. I can Build a Blog
Her name is Dana Fox and she loves to share tips in how to start a blog and make it look attractive. She also designs templates for blogger and wordpress.

If you would like to share info about any other great blogs please leave a comment below :)!

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