Why trying to Find “Your Niche” is not always a good advice

I’ve done so much research about how to start a blog and I have to tell you… this whole “niche thing” was something that paralyzed me and kept preventing me  from to starting my blog for a while.  Why? Because all you can find on the internet is other bloggers saying: “You need to find your Niche” or “you need to know who is your target audience” .

Well…what I HAVE to say about this is that, although there is some truth about this, You should not worry about this “niche thing” when you’re just starting out!!!

For someone who is just starting, this could be very confusing because basically what this means is that if I like fashion, then I should strictly write content about fashion.

But what if I’m passionate about many things?…doesn’t having a blog or creating a blog means that you can expressed yourself freely!!!  What is the point of creating it!! if I will be regulated in a way by this niche thing.

So after thinking for a couple of days about this topic and asking myself why I wanted to create a blog on the first place, I got rid of this freaking fear of not finding people that would like my content because I didn’t have a specific niche.

I know in my heart that there are many people like me who are multi passionate and who are also going through the same issues that I’m going through and it would be selfish not to share my life experiences and help others.

So if you are passionate about food, traveling, fashion, knowledge, beauty, animals, cartoons, music, art…don’t let this whole” FIND YOUR NICHE” thing hold you back….just share!!… create content that you are passionate about…people who are like you will find you and you might inspire them to follow their passion and share their life experiences as well.

With all my love,


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  1. August 17, 2016 / 10:02 pm

    I totally agree with you, Neisha! It is important to find a niche, yes, but it's also important to enjoy this free form of expression that allows us to share our interests with others. Not everyone follows a blog because of a specific kind of content, but also because they can relate to the blogger somehow and they're genuinely interested in what he or she has to say. 🙂

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